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Book Titles: Trading Letters

                 Random Thoughts of a Simple Mind

A facinating new book of poetry. Witty, funny, some serious poems, and some just plain silly. Uniquely designed and formatted for easy reading. Suitable for the coffee table for all to enjoy.

Literally thousands of books of poetry can be found. So, what makes this book any different than what's already out there on the market? Well, for one thing, each poem in this book consists of no more than 20 words. Yes, very short !! Some words are hyphenated, which I consider as  single words. Keeping all poems short was intentional, just to be different and for easy reading.

While there are no vulgarity or obscenities in my book some poems may not be suitable for young readers. Parental discretion is advised.

When you read each poem, draw your own conclusion as to what each poem means. Some of you may or may not understand them immediately. Some of you may like them, some of you may not. Then again, you may ask yourself, "what in the world was he thinking?"

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my book.


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My latest book, a novel of fiction "Trading letters" is a story about faith and friendship. It is a must read if you believe or want to believe in faith. Also if you are looking for or want to maintain friendship.

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